Thatcher Rests high on the Emmons Glacier

I learned photography from my father who showed me how to take pictures with his Pentax SLR. He also taught me to love nature. Over the years my love for photography and nature blossomed. Growing up hiking and mountaineering in the Cascades of the Pacific Northwest gave me vast opportunities to explore nature and it’s beauty. I spent 10 years after high school living in Southern California where I refined my photography, and expanded my love of the mountains spending weekends in the Sierra Nevada. Moving back to Seattle in 2012 gave me a renewed excitement for getting into the mountains. I’ve since added ski touring and rock climbing to my modes of transportation in an effort to go farther, higher, deeper into the mountains. In addition to landscape and adventure photography I began writing about my adventures. I love every challenge the mountains have to offer. I enjoy interpreting the mountains through my experience with writing and photography. And I love sharing these experiences with others in the hopes that they’ll find at least a little bit of the joy that I experience in the wilderness.